BAFONI how to inspect the aluminium composite panel quality ?

2024-03-15 11:15

BAFONI  how to inspect the aluminium composite panel quality ?

Aluminum composite panel

BAFONI have the specially laboratory to inspect BAFONI aluminium composite panel quality every day. BAFONI  QC department cut the aluminium cladding panel samples from the production line every half hour, inspect the ACP's  appearance quality ( including appearance, non exposed surface, exposed surface),dimensions deviation , aluminium thickness, coating thickness, surface pencil hardness, gloss tolerence, flexibility, coating adhesion , impact resistance, abrasion resisitance , hydrochlotic acid resistance,oil resisitance,alkali resistance, nitric acid resistance, solvent resistance, pollute resistance ,penetrating resistance, shearing strength ,beding strength, bending elastic modulus, roll peel strength , thermal expansion cofficient ,heat distortion temperature and boiling water resistance.

After BAFONI aluminium composite panel QC department inspect all those items all pass the standard as GB/T17748-2016 then pass ACP panels to the warehouse deparment for packing .


BAFONI aluminium composite panel also have the Outdoor weather resistance testing centre.BAFONI all PVDF coating aluminium cladding panel had been put outdoor to test the weather resistance.

BAFONI PVDF ACP panel had 15 years warranty for outside wall. BAFONI QC department always keep the most rigorous testing to keep BAFONI high quality aluminium composite panel in the market.

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